For nearly 20 years the firm Agriverde deals with design and construction of automated irrigation systems, fountains, artificial lakes, water air-cooling systems, washing and dust suppression for synthetic sports facilities in general (football fields, tennis, baseball, etc.), including the associated water pumping stations. Planning and subcontract working are also in our scope.

Our main objective is selecting the best products for our customers which entrust us a task of vital importance for the growth, development and maintenance of their green fields.

Thanks to Agriverde's whole staff we have achieved great goals in recent years where contacts, inspections and management of building sites were always followed by executive staff to ensure maximum quality of the final product.
Our main customers are landscaping pros, tree nursery owners, scenic architects, naturalistic engineering, building contractors and private individuals.
We operate in the private sphere with care and attention to the implantation of small flowered terrace, passing with the same care and attention from the small garden to the large public or private park systems, to the athletic fields, artificial lakes and pumping stations with innovative management systems.

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