I grew up in the commercial activity of my family, founded by my parents in 1972, dedicated to selling products and tools for gardening and agriculture, having graduated from Institute of Professional Training with a specialization in the plumbing industry, I began to take the first steps in the field of irrigation systems by combining an exciting profession to the family business.


With the incentive, the help and expertise of Father Luciano i started to build, for friends and clients some irrigation systems under the supervision of one of our suppliers.


At the age of 24 years along with two other partners (which were already operating in the field) we founded the company "AREA VERDE S.a.s."  based in Turin.
The company was founded April 7, 1993 with the aim to build watering systems, fountains, sports facilities, etc..


Following the the disappearance of Father Luciano in 1995 decided to merge my business with the one of my family, transforming the "AREA VERDE S.a.s."  in "AGRIVERDE S.a.s. di Lomello Fabrizio & C." moving the headquarters from Turin to Pianezza (TO).


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